What’s next? Procedure for students preadmitted in the master

If you have been preadmitted in the Industrial Chemistry and Introduction to Chemical Research program, the next steps in the procedure are as follows:

  • Admission: According to the calendar provided on the website of the Industrial Chemistry and Introduction to Chemical Research program at UAB , you are either in possession of the admission letter or can expect to receive it soon. Check the calendar. For non-EU citizens who do not hold an EU residence permit, it is important to note that the time has come to submit your visa applications (*).
  • Subject Selection: After your admission, you will need to select the subjects or courses you wish to pursue during your studies, according to the itinerary (Industry to research) you were admitted. Refer to the program’s website for guidance on subject selection. You may need to fill out a tutorial form indicating your preferred subjects. Check the website to select the subjects.
  • Study Guide and Course Materials: Once you have finalized your subject selection, refer to the study guides provided by the program for each chosen subject. These guides will outline the course content, learning objectives, and recommended resources. Obtain the necessary course materials, textbooks, or supplementary readings as indicated in the study guides.
  • Tutorial form. Next step is to fill the tutorial form in your selected language ENGLISH CATALAN SPANISH specifying the selected subjects according the itineraries. The sum of all credits must be 60 ECTS. If the program coordination determines that an “in-person/online” tutorial session is necessary, they will contact you to schedule it.
  • Submission of Tutorial Form: Complete the tutorial form based on the provided guidelines, sign it, and submit it back to the program coordination. Ensure that you have accurately indicated your chosen subjects and any additional information requested in the form. The signed form sent by the coordination is mandatory for the enrollment.
  • Enrollment. After completing the tutorial form, you will be able to proceed with the enrollment process for fully admitted students (July 25-31, 2024) or admitted students pending undergraduate diploma (September 9-25 , 2024). For more detailed information regarding enrollment, please visit: ENROLLEMENT WEBSITE following this steps and deadlines.
  • Start of Classes: Kick of session by September 20 (mandatory) and start of the lectures by September 23. Keep track of the academic calendar or class schedule provided by the program. Be prepared to begin your classes on the specified start date. If there are any orientation sessions or induction programs, make sure to attend them to familiarize yourself with the program, faculty, and fellow students.

(*) It is crucial to submit your visa application within the specified timeframe to allow for processing, which can take several weeks or even months. It is recommended to start the visa application process as soon as you receive your admission or preadmission letter to avoid any delays or complications. Consult the embassy or consulate’s website or contact them directly for any additional information or specific requirements related to your visa application. Adhering to all the guidelines and submitting a complete application will increase your chances of obtaining a student visa successfully.

Remember to regularly check the program’s website, emails, or any communication channels provided by the program coordination for updates, announcements, and any additional requirements throughout the enrollment process. You can either subscribe the website to receive notifications.

Additional information and documents

Tutorial forms

Study guides and itineraries

Check the website to select the subjects.

The information currently available for the study guides corresponds to the subjects offered during the 2023/24 academic year.

 42428 – Chemistry for Specific Materials of Interest to Industry and Research

 42424 – Industry and Research in Chemistry: Specialized Topics in Theory and Practice

 42429 – Advanced Chemistry

 42426 – Chemistry in Industry

 42427 – Biomolecular Chemistry

 42423 – From Small Molecules to Nanomaterials

 44540 – Work Placement

 44539 – Master’s Degree Dissertation


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